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    As a start-up or Freelancer you do not need to be told that you have to draw attention to your product/service to get orders in. But how, what, where and foremost, when? You are already busy enough as is to find your first customers.

    And at that point exactly, YBMS offers marketing support in the areas needed.  <more>

    The 'Digital Highway' is the only highway without an acceleration lane.  Do you dive into it in full force, or rather not at all? Striking the golden mean seems impossible.Furthermore, the amount of social media is growing by the day; it i s difficult to keep up. And let's not start of on GDPR, SEO, Adwords, CRM.YBMS can lead the way. <more>

    Have you already tried building your website in 3 minutes? Sure, registering your domain is a piece of cake. But then the real work starts: copy-writing, thinking out illlustrations and photograpsh and designing the pages. And all of this will take a lot of time; time being your scarcest resource. YBMS can lend you a hand. . <more>

    project Management

    Marketing COACHING




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    There are moments when you are short of a pair of extra hands: eg. when running an event, launching a product or during a leave of absence of one of your employees. YBMS can step in and provide extra manpower for the duration of the project or a fixed period. <more>

    If you think YBMS can be of service to you, we love to get in touch and discuss how your needs and our support match. We do not work with standardized pricing as your needs are specific for your company. A price indication we gladly provide after our first meeting. < more>

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    Your marketing assistant lacks experience in some marketing areas. Or you want to increase your knowledge on how to set up a CRM system while staying within the boundaries of GDPR. What are the pitfalls of blogging? YBMS can coach you on many marketing topics. <more>

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